Veggies Picked Up. Families Fed.

DSC_0216 Overhead Veggies

It really is that simple. It is not difficult to find someone who feels like they cant make a real difference in the world. For whatever reason, they believe that they are just destined to live without really making a dent in the world around them. This is not the case. Remember the story about Paul and Silas in the prison in Philippi? They are in the midst of being released when they realize that the jailor is who they were supposed to minister to all along. In the midst of their own story, Paul and Silas realize a need and they take care of someone else. This is all it takes to live a life of purpose. All you have top do is find a need and fill it. With every zucchini that was put into a basket, a hungry person was being fed. The world was being changed by simple obedience and hard work.

What is God calling you to do today? Is it inconvenient? Does it require some hard work? Is it a step outside of how you might normally behave? If you were simply obedient and chose to help someone, what kind of difference would you make today?


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